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06 Apr Training and Testing: The Access Institute Model

The people who walk through Access Institute’s doors are as diverse as the people who walk our San Francisco Bay Area streets, which means Access Institute has to be equipped to meet their various needs with customized treatments. Our Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing program ensures we are prepared to do that.

Comprehensive diagnostic testing is a powerful tool in assessing how psychological factors such as memory, attention, perception, and emotion can influence learning, behavior, and one’s general capacity for daily activity. Many of our testing clients are children and young adults who struggle with difficult behavior, learning or emotional challenges. With proper testing and the individualized treatment plan that comes from it, internal obstacles can be addressed and overcome. The results can be life-changing.

Program Coordinator Joanna Berg, Ph.D., with 25+ years of experience in the field, has built a hybrid model that considers the psychological, emotional and neuropsychological aspects of an individual. Unlike many other testing facilities and training programs that tend to focus on just one area of concern, Dr. Berg teaches and practices a collaborative method. This unique approach considers the entire person and their environment, as well as the neuropsychological testing data. The resulting report creates a useful road map to support the work and efforts of their individual therapists, families, and educators. 

“We in the testing program are not a crystal ball, but rather another lens to better understand a complex individual and better support their unique challenges.”

-Joanna Berg, Ph.D.


Omyda Hernandez, M.A., an Access Institute intern who has trained under Dr. Berg for two years, believes that Dr. Berg and Access Institute “create an attitude of exploration and deep holistic understanding of a person,” which is not as easily obtained at other places, because of financial constraints and the lack of time. Omyda has always felt that the testing program, under Dr. Berg’s leadership, ensures the patient comes first. This means, for example, that if extra testing is needed to get to the root of the problem, then we will go the extra mile, with no additional cost to the individual.

Outpatient testing can be very expensive and thus out of reach for many in our community. The Access Institute testing program is committed to remaining affordable and accessible, without sacrificing quality.

Access Institute is grateful to Dr. Berg, our intern therapists, faculty, and the Director of Training, Ruth Simon, Ph.D., for collaborating to enhance our training model to create an innovative testing program that meets our community’s needs.

We hope you stay connected with Access Institute and continue to learn more about our services and training.

Laila Dreidame

Development Manager

Access Institute for Psychological Services


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