Access Institute | Psychological Assessment
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We provide comprehensive,
collaborative and affordable
psychological testing for adults,
children, adolescents and seniors.

Psychological Assessment

Finding answers to complex problems starts with an in-depth understanding of the underlying issues. Comprehensive psychological assessment and testing helps to clarify how psychological and brain-based factors such as memory, attention, perception, and emotion can affect learning, behavior, and one’s capacities related to work, school and interpersonal relationships.

Psycho-educational testing for children and adolescents

Schools provide limited testing to evaluate a student’s overall abilities, strengths and weaknesses related to learning. Often however, school-based testing doesn’t go far enough in developing an understanding of the whole child. Our comprehensive psycho-educational assessments combine tests of learning and achievement with tests of cognitive ability that evaluate brain functioning.

Diagnostic testing for adults and children

Psychological diagnostic assessment delivers critical information necessary for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. By using reliable testing instruments and employing a comprehensive approach (extensive interviewing, information gathering and battery of tests) we can help answer difficult diagnostic questions.

Our Psychological Assessment batteries are individually designed, based on client need, and utilize the most advanced tests in order to uncover all possible sources of a problem. Currently, we are unable to provide diagnostic evaluation of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Please call our testing line at 415-861-5449 x344
to find out how our assessment services can meet your needs.