Access Institute | Mission
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Access Institute is all about accessibility.

We offer low and no-fee psychological services to those who want and need psychological support, but aren’t able to access it for any number of reasons including: income, cultural barriers, stigma around mental health, and lack of mobility.



Access Institute provides high-quality psychological care to people of all ages who fall through the socioeconomic cracks while training the next generation of mental health professionals through a model that values human complexity, supports socially-conscious practice, and promotes sustained human growth.


Fostering a community of caring and mutual responsibility.

Helping people fully realize themselves– their individual potential and social connectedness.

Fair, equitable, and affordable mental health care for people who are marginalized and not served by the current mental health system.

The highest training standards. Developing the therapist as healer who knows the relationship to the client is essential, is willing to struggle personally, and utilize the self as an instrument for healing and growth.

Honoring everyone’s individuality and respecting their unique potentials.

Number of Californians needing
but not receiving mental health care
1.8 Billion
Amount of money cut from states
mental health budgets from 2009-2011
Proportion of Americans
lacking adequate mental
health care