Access Institute | In-School Mental Health
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Commitment, caring and continuity- the three most important things we provide to children and families in the schools.

Our In-School Mental Health Program takes our therapists out of our clinic to work with families in the communities where they live. By reaching families for whom coming to a clinic presents a barrier to treatment, we ensure that more children and families receive the benefits of mental health care.

We work with children who have endured trauma—divorce, homelessness, death of a parent, domestic violence, and life-threatening illness. We serve kids on the Autism spectrum, as well as kids with ADHD, other brain-based issues and hard to diagnose learning disabilities.

Starting with a thorough evaluation, we work to understand all of the elements of our clients’ lives (including their history, their culture and environment, their school experience). We then tailor our interventions to their specific needs. Our approach is to create a team with parents, teachers and school staff to support children. We do this by helping to build more receptive environments at home and at school through consultation and education.


Our services are free to the children and families at Glen Park, Grattan, Harvey Milk, Hillcrest, Sanchez and Tenderloin Elementary Schools in San Francisco.