Access Institute | Assertive Social Assistance Program (ASAP)
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Assertive Social Assistance Program

ASAP's intensive, multi-disciplinary methods will not only
help people connect to vital community support, but will
build their resilience, enhance their mental well-being,
and increase social stability and connections.

Through Access Institute’s Assertive Social Assistance Program (ASAP), our Clinical Case Manager is here to provide information and referrals to help you navigate community resources. Clinical Case Management can assist you in accessing needed medical care, education, vocational services, housing, benefits, financial assistance, legal aid, and many other community services that support your well-being. If you are working with other agencies or providers in the community, our Clinical Case Manager can help coordinate the efforts of these agencies, oftentimes expanding the range of services available to you.

At Access Institute, we work to ensure that your clinical case management is tailored to your needs. Your initial 50-minute session will include a brief psycho-social assessment to focus on your specific goals. Collaboratively, you and your Clinical Case Manager will create a care plan that helps you reach the goals you’ve identified. After this initial session, a customized schedule of follow up sessions will be determined by you and your Clinical Case Manager. Depending on your situation, these services may be brief (2 or 3 sessions) or longer-term, and could include either 25 or 50 minute follow-up sessions.

ASAP also provides integrated therapy and clinical case management services. This option offers 50-minute therapy sessions on a weekly basis, or more often if needed. Our clinical case manager can weave community resources into your therapy sessions with the goal of supporting your emotional well-being and your community stability. If you already meet with a therapist at Access Institute, ASAP can be an additional service to supplement your therapy.

Sliding scale fees are affordable and based on total household income.

Please contact the Director of Clinical Case Management, Mary Beth Majoros, at (415) 861-5449, ext. 305 or for more information or to schedule your first session.