Access Institute | Model and Curriculum
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Access Institute’s post graduate curriculum is specifically designed to support psychoanalytic work in a community setting.

In the first, full time year, the didactic curriculum is divided into three categories: Theory, Technique, and Sociocultural Process, and there is a sequence of classes in each of these categories. Fellows in both years of the program participate in case conferences where they have an opportunity to bring theory to life in a collaborative group setting. In the optional, second year, the fellows take a professional development seminar.

First Year Courses
First Year Courses

Theory Sequence

  • Deepening a Treatment
  • Transference/Countertransference
  • Theories of Therapeutic Action
  • Trauma Theory
  • Primitive Mental States

Technique Sequence

  • Technique in a Community Clinic
  • Special Populations
  • Faculty Presentation
  • Dreams

Sociocultural Sequence

  • Sociocultural Processes
  • Work Class, and Money
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Race
  • Psychoanalysis and Culture

Case Conference

Second Year Courses
Second Year Courses

Professional Development

Case Conference