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31 Jul Join us in Our Mission to Help Children Thrive!

Every day many children face stressful and toxic environments in their homes and communities, and suffer the multiple negative emotional and psychological consequences. Overwhelmed by trauma, they fall behind at school and act out in class, disrupting the learning environment for teachers and other students. They can’t begin to learn their ABCs until their mental health needs are met.

At Access Institute, we believe that all children have the right to receive an education in an environment that is safe, supportive, and fosters social and emotional development. Through our In-School Mental Health Program, we’re making that happen.

We are now increasing the reach of our In-School Mental Health Program to include six public elementary schools. With the generous support of our community we have raised $29,422 toward our $40,000 spring fundraising goal. We are working hard to raise the remaining funds by June 30, 2017. Your contribution will directly support our In-School Mental Health Program.

For over ten years, Access Institute has provided free, in-school therapy and related services for children with the most acute needs. We have developed a successful, early-intervention model that focuses on healing childhood trauma and building healthier family and school dynamics. With their mental health needs addressed, children are able to focus on classroom learning. Parents learn how to better attend to their children’s psychological and developmental needs. Family functioning improves. Negative classroom behaviors change. School environments become safer.

We provide these services at no cost to the schools or families because, often, those who need us the most have the fewest resources.

Join us in our mission to help our children thrive. On behalf of the schools, families, and most of all, the children we serve, thank you.

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