Access Institute | Individual & Couple Therapy
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Affordable, high-quality
psychological services are
just a phone call away.

Our individual and couples therapy services are
offered on an income-based sliding scale.

Individual Psychotherapy

Is life feeling harder than you feel it has to be? Do you feel down, blue, anxious or irritable? Have you ever wondered what impact the events in your past may be having on your present or future? Are you having trouble making changes and moving forward? Individual therapy is a place to explore all of this in a safe and supportive environment.

At Access Institute, we work to ensure that your individual therapy is tailored to your needs.  50-minute therapy sessions may be scheduled weekly or more frequently if needed. Depending on your situation, your treatment may be brief (fewer than 20 sessions) or longer-term. If medication is an appropriate addition to your therapy, consultation with our staff psychiatrist can be arranged. We provide therapy services for children (ages 5 and up), teens, adults, and seniors.

Couples Therapy

Are you and your partner/spouse stuck in a revolving argument? Are you uncertain about whether your relationship is working for you? Want to figure out what your relationship needs are and how to express them and get them met? Couples therapy is a place to address all of this and more.

For more information, or to schedule a telephone intake,
call our intake line at 415-861-5449 x380 (x324 for Spanish)
or email us at

Sliding-scale fees for individual and couples treatment are
based on total household income and range from $35-$110.

Health insurance may or may not reimburse you for services (check with your carrier). Access Institute can  provide you with a statement that can be submitted for reimbursement, but does not bill insurance directly.