Access Institute | Announcing Spectrum Musical Guests Gracie and Rachel
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05 Oct Announcing Spectrum Musical Guests Gracie and Rachel

Announcing Spectrum Musical Guests
Gracie and Rachel
Gracie and Rachel will be topping off their international tour with a special performance at our Spectrum gala on Sunday, October 29th at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco.

As Bay Area natives who are now based in New York, the duo has a special connection to our community and an appreciation for the importance of our mission. “Living day-to-day in a bustling complex city, we see the various layers and separations in society and the differences in accessibility to services,” said Gracie. “We are proud to associate with an organization doing such stellar, careful work, reaching such an underserved community with innovative ideas and continuing efforts to find new ways to reach those most in need.”

“Mental healthcare is too often considered a luxury when in fact it is one of the most basic human needs, especially for those suffering from societal disadvantages. If those of us who have access to these services can use our voices and resources to help those in need, we can make important change happen.” – Gracie
Join us on Sunday, October 29th to see Gracie and Rachel perform live at our Spectrum gala! Click the ticket below for more information about the event and to purchase tickets. Check out Gracie and Rachel’s music video for their latest single here.

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